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In June 2020, an editor for the organization commented on this very site to discuss my writing for them. It was a welcome freelance opportunity during COVID-19 slowdowns.

(Also available on my official byline page.)

Previews, Reviews, and Round-ups

In addition to all the main articles below, I also recently (June 2021) began writing arts round-up pieces for LNM.

  • Juneteenth 2021 events (June 2021)
  • Berkeley Rep’s 2021-22 season (July 2021)
  • SF Ballet’s 2022 season (July 2021)
  • EXIT Theatre and SF Fringe return to in-person performances for Autumn 2021 (July 2021)
  • Bay Area theatres cancelling or postponing their season due to COVID-19’s Delta variant surge (August 2021)
  • Pulitzer Center’s “End of Isolation” Tour, featuring a pandemic-redux version of Sarah Shourd‘s The Box. (August 2021)
  • Oakland Theater Project returns to in-person shows with Every Brilliant Thing (October 2021)
  • Museum of the African Diaspora reopens this week after 19 long months (October 2021)
  • Bayview-Hunters Point artists shine at Shipyard Open Studios (October 2021)
  • Review: We Are Bruce Lee: Under the Sky, One Family at the Chinese Historical Society of America (July 2022)
  • Preview: It’s Qwere’s Mighty Real 2022 (November 2022)
  • Preview: 24th Annual SF International Hip-Hop DanceFest (November 2022)

Features and Interviews

Out of the Shadow of COVID: S.F.’s Favorite Foul-Mouthed Puppet Show keeps you Laughing during Lockdown” (August 2020)

I interviewed Dave Haaz-Baroque of Shadow Circus Creature Theatre to discuss August 2020 show during the COVID-19 lockdown.

I Left My Art in San Francisco: An Interview with Woke Creator/Cartoonist Keith Knight” (August 2020)

I interviewed award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight on the eve of his first live-My interview with award-winning cartoonist Keith Knight in the lead-up to his first live-action venture, the Hulu series Woke. The show, set in SF, tackles racial profiling and Black identity.

The Price of Survival: What’s the Future of San Francisco’s Indie Performance Spaces?” (September 2020)

My first feature for the company, in which I cover the Save Our Stages Act, the RESTART Act, the IVA, and why San Francisco – nay, the entire country – needs its independent performing arts and the venues that host them.

I give particular attention to traditional live theatre, which is frequently lost in the discussion of mainstream live performance.

“Life’s a Drag(on): Writer and actor Puja Tolton discusses her surreal new short film, set in a Tolkien-inspired Oakland” (November 2020)

I’ve known Puja Tolton and the folks at Awesome Theatre for years now. So, when the publication expressed interest in a piece about their new film I Broke the Looking Glass (running on-demand all through December 2020), I figured I could give it a shot.

“Cool Yule: Kat Robichaud is ready to bring some Hilarious Holiday cheer to 2020 with her Darling Misfit Album” (December 2020)

I had the chance to chat with Kat Robichaud, co-creator of Misfit Cabaret, about her new Christmas album, life during lockdown, and Misfit Cabaret: The Movie.

Dark Hues, Bright Futures: The Black Woman is God moves Online” (December 2020)

In which I chat with exhibit curator/co-founder Karen Seneferu about taking the project virtual in the year of COVID-19 and Breonna Taylor.

The often-forgotten history of POC railroad workers is illuminated in Oakland revival of 1991’s Binding Ties” (February 2021)

My first published piece of 2021 covered the 30th anniversary of a landmark Bay Area theatre show. Not only were its PoC stories still relevant, but its “drive-in” presentation made for effective viewing in the age of social distancing.

The Plight of the Barcades: How three gaming bars are surviving the pandemic” (March 2021)

In which I spotlight three Bay Area “Barcades” and discover how they plan to fight through the pandemic.

Getting with ‘The Program’: SF Neo-Futurists adapt to pandemic with Two Shows, one performed Over the Phone” (June 2021)

In which I interview members of the SF Neo-Futurists about their online show, World Wide Wrench, and their interactive phone experience, The Program.

Chatting With Sean San José: Magic Theatre’s new artistic director to center local artists of color” (July 2021)

In which I interview the co-founder of Campo Santo as he takes up his new role as artistic director of SF’s world-renowned Magic Theatre.

Announcing its 25th season, Killing My Lobster sketches out its future” (February 2022)

In which this piece (originally written for another outlet) finds me looking at SF’s quarter-century-old sketch institution as it goes through major transitions.

Jim Henson exhibition reveals the Muppets’ ties to the Bay Area, as well as his lesser-known innovations” (June 2022)

In which I interview the curator of the Contemporary Jewish Museum about their new exhibit focusing on the great Muppeteer.

‘Vicious Cycle’ hosts dish on Reproductive Rights, Joe Biden and more ahead of live 100th episode” (June 2022)

In which I interview the “blosts” of the menstruation-comedy podcast Vicious Cycle as they prepare for the live recording of their 100th episode and stare down a possible repeal of Roe v. Wade.

How Oakland native Nataki Garrett brought the Oregon Shakespeare Festival through the biggest threat in its history — COVID-19” (July 2022)

In which I interview the first Black woman to lead the world-renowed Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.

Peaches Christ talks about the dark, drag-fodder magic of ‘Death Becomes Her’” (August 2022)

In which I interview the man behind the world-renowned drag legend to talk about changes at (and in) The Castro ahead of the 30th anniversary show for Death Becomes Her.

The Medak Center: New Berkeley Rep artist housing complex to let passersby view plays in progress” (August 2022)

In which I interview Berkeley Rep’s higher-ups to ask about their new building; part residence for out-of-town actors, part incubator for new works.

Tina D’Elia dishes on her solo show ‘Overlooked Latinas’ and the fight for queer visibility” (October 2022)

In which I interview the renowned SF performer and casting specialist about her new solo show.


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