San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate

In June 2021, after applying for a position at the legendary daily, my earlier writing caught the attention of The Chronicle‘s editors, who invited me to write for them. It was a very vindicating feeling for a journalist and lifelong San Franciscan.

Articles and Op-Eds

Socializing in reopened S.F. is kinda fun, but very, very frightening” (aka “Reopening makes me feel like a Lab Rat“) (June 2021)

On the 15th of June 2021, California removed nearly pandemic-related restrictions. This coincided with the first federally-recognized Juneteenth holiday. I stepped out to celebrate the latter, but couldn’t shake my trepidation about the former. We were acting as if the pandemic was over.

It wasn’t.

Take your ‘Vaccine Vacaysomewhere other than San Francisco” (August 2021)

Back in June, San Francisco had such impressive vaccination numbers that it was predicted to be “the first major US city to reach herd immunity“. Then, the ‘vaccine vacay’ crowd showed up with the Delta variant, turning “hot vax summer” into a Bay Area nightmare.

Wildfire, plague and political breakdown: Hope may seem naive, but we need it anyway” (aka “Optimism is NOT Ignorance“) (September 2021)

In which two San Francisco documentaries (including this one) not only inspire pandemic-era optimism, but also a call to action.

How to have fun in S.F. during COVID without behaving like you’re in Florida” (aka “Do We Have to do Everything Ourselves?“) (September 2021)

In which my trip to the DNA Lounge for Cyberdelia 2021 proves of the efficacy of The City and the Lounge’s mask and vaccine mandates – the very mandates Mayor London Breed was ignoring around the same time.


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