The Thinking Man's Idiot

The unruly brain and bad habits of a writer, actor, and grilled cheese sandwich-enthusiast.

About Me

I’m a writer (see the top of this page).

I’m an actor, writer, director, and producer (see the bottom of this page).

I use a manual typewriter (yes, the one you see below).

I exercise out of pleasure.

I’m a San Francisco native (yes, I was born here).

I think the greatest song ever is Lauryn Hill’s “Everything is Everything”.

I’m a Black man whose life matters.

I love cooking.

I love Shakespeare and will not rest until everyone sees the parallels between Richard III and Scarface.

I love gangsta rap and classical opera with equal aplomb.

I’d love to shoot a film on 70mm.

I can dig it.

8 comments on “About Me

  1. Jessica Waldman
    Sunday, 6 August, 2017

    Hi there!

    I just wanted to say that I read your review on Macbitch, and I really, really loved all the things you had to say. It was an awesome and critical analysis of the work. Thank you for your words!


  2. nope dontthinkso
    Sunday, 3 December, 2017

    you’re also a has-was and lost fans permanently because you decided to shoot off your stupid pie-hole about our President. We used a bonfire of your half-assly written books to cook a celebratory bbq for having a qualified President. Go away ..shooo


    • CharlesAndHisTypewriter
      Monday, 4 December, 2017

      Dear Readers:

      If the above comment left you confused (it certainly did for me, especially the term “has-was”), I think the person who left it was under the impression that I was this guy.

      I can’t speak for that dude as I haven’t written a book (yet), but my pie-hole is wide open. Besides, I get a chuckle from comments by random internet trolls who brag about BURNING BOOKS. Just like Nazis.🔥📖

      How proud the above commenter must be.


  3. DigitalSniper
    Monday, 3 September, 2018

    It wasn’t a term, it’s a phrase. There’s a chasm of difference. Seems you confuse easily so at least you’re honest about something.


    • CharlesAndHisTypewriter
      Monday, 3 September, 2018

      🤔I’m guessing, Anonymous Commenter, that you’re alluding to my response to “has-was”? Merriam-Webster defines “term” as “1 – a word or phrase that has an exactmeaning
      2 – the particular kinds of words used to describe someone or something”.

      But… given your comment, I’m guessing you get confused quite often. You should look into that, sweetheart… especially if the only reason you commented was to defend an asinine (and also anonymous) commenter who confuses me with other people and advocates burning 📚.

      How proud you must be.


  4. Shiskey Offles
    Monday, 18 March, 2019

    My Mom was into theatre in her younger days but I grew up in a very different environment.

    Hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two from this site :)


  5. J
    Tuesday, 3 March, 2020

    Hey Man!! Come out and see “Memphis!” at Berkeley Playhouse!! We would look to hear your take on it!!!


    • CharlesAndHisTypewriter
      Tuesday, 3 March, 2020

      I would love to, I really would – we’re 3 months into 2020 and I haven’t been to the Playhouse yet.

      But… between all the other shows I’m scheduled to see and a piece I’m writing for the East Bay Express, I’m afraid I won’t have the time before the show closes. Boo-urns.


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