San Francisco Examiner

A growing collection of work I’ve written for the world-renowned publication, The San Francisco Examiner.

(Also available on my official byline page.)

Reviews and Previews

In addition to the articles I wrote below, which began in 2020, I began writing proper critiques and previews of Bay Area productions for the Weekly in March 2021.

  • Preview: My interview with playwright Harrison David Rivers ahead of New Conservatory’s world premiere commission of Rivers’ Interlude. The production followed the previous year’s audio version. (October 2021)


I first wrote for The Examiner in March of 2020 to report how the emerging COVID-19 pandemic was affecting performance venues in the SF Bay Area.

The Fight isn’t Over for this San Francisco Venue” (27 March 2020)

My first-ever piece for the Examiner, in which I covered PianoFight‘s attempts to adapt as a live performance venue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keeping the DNA Lounge on Life Support” (17 April 2020)

In its 35th year, SF mainstay the DNA Lounge was also hit hard by COVID-19. It didn’t help that the venue was already in tough financial shape.


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