I grew up with those four letters. Now, my name sits beneath them in the stories below.

Articles and Op-Eds

“‘Escapism is a Cop-Out’: Two Years Into a Pandemic, Why Isn’t COVID on TV?” (April 2022)

As the pandemic stretched into its third year (and politicians kept telling us it was over when it wasn’t), allusions to COVID were notably absent from popular entertainment. For a world figuring out how to “live with” the virus, its absence in pop culture is harmful.

San Francisco’s Beloved EXIT Theatre Takes a Final Bow
(September 2022)

In August 2022, the beloved storefront theatreplex announced it was closing its Tenderloin doors for good. After 39 years of acting as a home for outside-the-box performance work, the announcement was a devastating blow to Bay Area indie theatre artists – myself included.

PianoFight’s Theatre was Independent, Creative, Accessible — and Necessary
(January 2023)

Just four months after the above piece on EXIT Theatre, I found myself once again mourning the loss of an all-too-crucial SF venue for indies, iconoclasts, and all-around weirdos. But given that I’ve been writing about PianoFight – both the company and the two venues – for almost a full decade, perhaps it’s only appropriate that I write about them at the end?

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