48 Hills / SF Bay Guardian

I grew up grabbing issues of the SFBG every week. Now, my name has a byline in its online successor.

Reviews and Previews

  • Review: Dear San Francisco: A High-Flying Love Story opening run at Club Fugazi, making it the successor to the Club’s long-running Beach Blanket Babylon. (October 2021)
  • Review: Interlude world premiere (in-person, a year after the audio-only version, which I reviewed here) by and at the New Conservatory Theatre Company (October 2021)
  • Review: The Claim at Shotgun in Berkeley (October 2021)
  • Review: world premiere of Michael Gene Sullivan’s The Great Khan at SF Playhouse (October 2021)
  • Review: Wintertime at the Berkeley Rep; their first live show since March 2020 (November 2021)
  • Review: Father/Daughter at Aurora Theatre Company; their first live show since early-2020 (November 2021)
  • Review: Plot Point in Our Sexual Development at NCTC (December 2021)
  • Review: Twelfth Night at SF Playhouse (December 2021)
  • Review: The Cassandra Sessions at Shotgun Players (December 2021)
  • Review: SF Ballet’s Nutcracker (December 2021)
  • Review: The Art of Banksy (Unauthorised) at the Palace of Fine Arts (December 2021)
  • Review: Gently Down the Stream at NCTC (January 2022)
  • Review: The Woman in Black at the ACT Strand (January 2022)
  • Review: Swept Away world premiere at Berkeley Rep (January 2022)
  • Review: Freestyle Love Supreme tour at ACT (February 2022)
  • Review: The Kind Ones world premiere at The Magic (February 2022)
  • Review: Heroes of the Fourth Turning at SF Playhouse (February 2022)
  • Review: Don Quixote at SF Ballet (March 2022)
  • Review: Otto Frank premiere run at Magic Theatre (March 2022)
  • Review: Dot at NCTC (March 2022)
  • Review: SF Ballet – Program 4 (March 2022)
  • Review: Passing Strange at Shotgun Players (March 2022)
  • Review: Water by the Spoonful at SF Playhouse (March 2022)
  • Review: SF Ballet Programs 5 and 6 (April 2022)
  • Review: Intimate Apparel by Lorraine Hansberry Theatre (April 2022)
  • Review: PrEP Play, or Blue Parachute West Coast premiere at NCTC (April 2022)
  • Review: Spring/Summer showcase at the Museum of African Diaspora (April 2022)
  • Review: Drowning in Cairo world premiere by Golden Thread Productions (April 2022)
  • Review: Endlings West Coasts premiere by Ferocious Lotus and Oakland Theater Project (April 2022)
  • Review: The Incrementalist world premiere at Aurora Theatre (May 2022)
  • Review: Swan Lake (Helgi Tomasson’s final show) by the SF Ballet (May 2022)
  • Review: Octet West Coast premiere at Berkeley Rep (May 2022)
  • Review: Deep River world premiere by Alonzo King LINES Ballet’s 40th anniversary (May 2022)
  • Review: Monuments, or Four Sisters (A Sloth Play) world premiere by Magic Theatre (May 2022)
  • Review: Encore at New Conservatory (June 2022)
  • Review: A Small Fire at Shotgun Players (June 2022)
  • Review: The Paper Dreams of Harry Chin at SF Playhouse (June 2022)
  • Review: Balikbayan Box at TheatreF1rst (June 2022)
  • Review: Killing My Lobster’s Let’s Do the Sex (June 2022)
  • Review: Romeo y Juliet world premiere at Cal Shakes (June 2022)
  • Review: The Mojo and the Sayso at Oakland Theater Project (June 2022)


London Breed’s big COVID failure” (aka “London Breed Sold Us Out to COVID)” (March 2022)

As a native San Franciscan who grew up during the height of HIV/AIDS, I can say that San Francisco’s current mayor (whom I’ve criticized before) dropped the ball on COVID.

For most artists, NFTs are a false bill of goods” (aka “NFTs = ‘No Fuckin’ Thanks’, SF Arts“) (March 2022)

SF artists of all practices are dabbling in NFTs and other Web3 factors. Aside from the fact that they’re environmentally disastrous, NFTs are do more harm than good to the art scene.

The ultimate troll just bought Twitter. Expect more pain for SF” (aka “The Lingering Stench of (Elon) Musk” (April 2022)

No sooner had SF gotten rid of this grifter when he tosses his South African apartheid money at the most intrusive company in our city.

Unlike London Breed, I never took my mask off. (Now, COVID cases are up again)” (May 2022)

On April Fool’s Day 2022, SF dropped all indoor mask and vax mandates. A month later, I reported that the joke was on us as COVID cases shot up in record time.

Pride isn’t a safe space with London Breed and the SFPD” (June 2022)

Since 2020, the Pride parade was put on ice because, y’know, COVID. They’re bringing it back this year, with the return of SFPD and the still-dangerous COVID virus. Yeah, I’ll pass.

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